Text Box: Salla Advanced Business is a company engaged in the production, manufacture and trade of agricultural and animal products and advanced business in the fields of logistics, infrastructure services and IT services, based in Sudan.

We’re at Salla, fully dedicated to provide the living elements in food, drink and housing vi innovating an advanced business basket (Salla) to the world using the latest technologies to offer products and services with high quality and competitive prices to all parts of the globe, hoping to create a greater world by creating a greener environment.



Greener Environment for a Greater World.



To be the basket (Salla) of the world, in the provision of agricultural and animal products, and advanced development business of cutting-edge quality and high efficiency, through innovation in the use of modern technologies, adopting the best professional practices, and adherence to the international standards.



  1. Integrity and Justice: Adherence to the Islamic law, legal principles and international norms, and to maintain the principles and values of business ethics, justice and equality in dealing, and achieve the principle of absolute neutrality, and adopt the best standards and international practices.
  2. Secretariat and Transparency: Commitment to transparency and honesty.
  3. Mutual Consultation and Participation: We believe in consultation and active participation for a promising future for all.
  4. Innovation and Creativity: Adopting and applying the well-known international standards of excellence and innovation to support the action of professional efficiency through the optimal use of available resources to achieve the highest standards of business performance and the highest level of quality in production.
  5. Partnership and Cooperation: Cooperation with regional and international companies, institutions and organizations to promote the principles of joint work in the exchange of experiences and mutual benefits.



Providing the world's food basket (Salla) through:

  1. Production of agricultural crops and animal products, to increase the availability of food locally, regionally and globally.
  2. Food manufacturing with high quality and competitive prices, through the optimal investment of resources based of the best practices and well-known international standards for a better efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Providing advanced Business Services in the fields of infrastructure, logistics and information technology.
  4. Providing cutting-edge solutions and studies through the establishment of specialized centers in the field of agricultural research and development, animal production, and support services.